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Feature Sheets for Real Estate printing.

Feature sheets provide prospective home buyers with visual, tangible images of the house being sold.  Great for open houses. The perfect, quick marketing option to summarize the best features of your active listing.

Why Do Real Estate Feature Sheets Matter in Advertising? 

It’s plain. Simply listing a property on your website will not help it sell quickly. A feature sheet is something people can touch and take home. People usually respond better to tangible reminders providing useful information about the key features of a house for sale. Real estate feature sheets are a perfect choice to make an impactful first impression on the prospects and keep them engaged with your marketing message.

Containing high-definition photos emphasizing the best and most unique aspects of a property, feature sheets tell the buyers clearly what it is like to live in that house. The best thing about real estate feature sheets is that they allow potential buyers to compare different houses and features and find the right property that perfectly matches their needs. Be sure that once buyers find what they look for, they will contact you to make an offer on the house.

How to Make Shining Real Estate Featured Sheets? 

Photo selection is usually a make-or-break decision to make because the quality of the photos used in your featured sheets is usually taken as the quality of the house offered. Hire an experienced real estate photographer who knows what to do to make the house look perfect in the photos. The photos taken should cover both inside and outside of the house in addition to details of rooms, landscapes, distinctive design features, and whatever helps the property stand out.



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11" x 17"


50, 100, 200, 300, 500


100 lb gloss both side print, 12 card stock


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