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Description: 10 or 8 mm coroplast done side printed with two grommets on top.

Custom rider can be same size as regular one with custom design or message.

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What are Real Estate Riders?

Real Estate Riders is a smaller sign that accompanies a larger sign or graphic in a real estate frame. Sign riders are usually placed either below or above (or both) the larger graphic in the frame. Additionally, they are used on posts and even hang from other post signs in some cases.

They are most commonly 24”x6” but can be other sizes including 36” x 6”. They are most often used to provide additional information to a bigger sign, such as: “Under Contract”, “Open House”, etc.

Quality Sign Riders For Sale

Did you know that a large portion of advertising relies on subconscious suggestions? Sign riders are a perfect example of this because of their muted effect on the yard sign. Our sign riders are the best way to subtly enhance your advertisements and increase visibility. More broadly, they make a perfect and flexible addition to any outdoor display and are a great way to promote pretty much anything.

Super Cheap Signs is proud to offer a vast selection of Sign Riders for sale. Made from the finest quality materials around, they are sure to last.

We Make Ordering Sign Riders Easier Than Ever

At DK Sign and print, we have drastically simplified our ordering process. Once you have decided what format of the sign is right for your purposes, simply select from one of our industry-specific templates or upload your own custom images and text. From there, you can request a proof or continue on to select your sizing and materials.

If your business is located in the Greater Toronto area. You have a minimum of 4.4-star rating on Google. You have a minimum of 25 reviews on Google. Register your Business for free at Trustedbylocals.ca.


24" x 6", 32" x 6", 36" x 6", custome rider


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